Amsterdam painting
Amsterdam painting

„The texture of the silhouette of the buildings in the background is fantastic!”

Ryoji :

„The video clip is amazing and lots of insight!!
It will take forever for me to draw like you but still wonderful to see your masterpiece!”


Painting and having good time at Sicili!
Painting and having good time at Sicili!

„Really good”

„I hope you will organize special exhibition your pictures from Amsterdam!”

The watercolor gallery:

„Fast and dry, deliberate and wet, Schnotale can use both techniques in plein air. Here he is painting the above in Amsterdam.

What I like best about this fast and dry piece is how you get a sense of this corner in Amsterdam without any of the detail. You get relative scale but nothing is given to you, you have to earn it. To know how big the building is you have to focus on the people – which you can hardly see. To see where the river goes you have to let your imagination run wild. And what is the building for? Who knows?”